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BX-170 Automatic Wire Cable Harness Nylon tie tying machine

Short Description:

The machine can realize automatic nylon cable ties penetration,tension, shear and other functions.


Product Detail

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Equipment Featurs

1. Compact design,compact and practical

2. While the alternative complex manual work,making production more simple and  convenient.

3. Using a full PC-style digital adjustment, and process easy to be undertsanding.  

4. Other reuirements can be customized.

ZX-600 Full Automatic High-speed Rivet Machine (8)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (4)

This concept also allows to easily integrate future projects in this production line or adapt and reuse the same machine on different lines.

The new clamp and its optimized system now allow to insert terminals in the desired orientation rotating the insertion handle.The option of inserting two terminals in one clamp eliminates the down time within the movement between clamps, reducing fixed times up to 30% .

Function Parameter

Power: AC220V 50/60HZ
Power: 600w
binding force: max:KG, it will depends on the the force of tie.  
available spec: 60,80,100,120mm tie.
productivity  1500pcs (depends on operator processing speed)
tying arrange: the max tying outer dia is 25mm
the tail of bounch: the tail can cut to be flat (the exposure is adjustable),  tolerance is 1tooth.
the device size: 1200*520*800mmexluding protruding parts
Weight: 120KG
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (5)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (6)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (7)

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