pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

BX-230 Automatic wire labeling printing and pasting machine

Short Description:

The machine can realizeautomatic peeling label and affixed to cable reel.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Equipment Featurs

The design is compact, and practical.

Using a full PC-style digital adjustment, making it more rapid and efficient.

Provide more effecient productivity and higher quality. manual set wire, mahcine position and feeding.

Peeling and affixing to cable reel.

Machine replace complicated and cumbersome manual work to save manpower.

Higher fit procesion, faster speed.

Function Parameter


AC220V 50/60HZ single phase.

The mechanical function

positioning wire, wire feeding, label feeding, label  peel, label fit

producction efficiency


Label range

length max

100mm, Width Max




Fit precision


air pressure

5-6KGF(need clean air)  

detection device

wire and label absence

the device size

600*700*680mm including protruding parts.




1. Simple and compact in design.

2. with PLC control System with Feather touch Keyboard and LCD display.

3. Can store up to 16 different programs for setting of different type of bottles.

4. Label release and fixing mechanism to release the label.

5. with Sunx motor or Servo motor drive as per requirement.

6. On Line Batch coding (Optional).

7. Which with a start buffer function, the overall high sensitivity, low-speed torque, speed and stability, voltage stability, the strong ability of anti-interference and strong technical characteristics. Ensure labeling accuracy, stable, reliable and efficient.

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