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BX-310 Fully Automatic Ribbon Wire Double Ends Cutting Stripping Crimping Machine

Short Description:

The automatic stripping and crimping machine is a device for automatically stripping and crimping wires or cables. The machine provides efficient and precise wire stripping and crimping operations, improving productivity and quality in various industries including electronics manufacturing, automotive and aerospace.

Product Detail

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Equipment Featurs

This machine is designed to meet the requirement of the industry in which wire processing is needed.

The machine is suitable for cutting, stripping and crimping ribbon cable. Automatically cut, strip and crimp ribbon cables in one time.

The arm control system ensures the accuracy of the feeding and cutting length.

The cutting length can be set in the touch screen display. The cutting length is accurately controlled by the stepping motor.

Ingeniously constructed design of compact;and useful machine.

Adopted PLC match with server control.

Fully computerized . make it easy and quick to adjus.

Other additional reequest can customized for client.

BX-310 is used for automatic cutting;strippi ng;spIitting and crimping for flat cable.
Double Ends Crimping

Function Parameter

Power: AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase.
Power: 3KW.
Applicable wire : AWG22-AWG30 2468 Colorful flat cable , gray&white flat cable.
Applicable pin quantity of flat cable : 2P-20P.
Stripping length : 2-10mm.
Cutting length : 72-9999mm.
Cutting precision : +/-0.2MM.
Applicable sperating length.
Production efficiency : 18000pcs/h(the max speed is for 20 pin cable).
Dimension : 1850W*760L*1830H MM.
Weight: 500KG.

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