Why choose an automatic terminal machine?

With the continuous rapid growth of my country's economy and the further expansion of domestic demand, the market has a huge rigid demand for wire harnesses, and the development speed of the wire harness industry has accelerated significantly. In such a huge wire harness market, the efficiency and quality of production have become important competitiveness.
Why choose fully automatic when buying a terminal machine?
As we all know in the cable industry, the terminal machine has always been an important process equipment in the production of wire harness products, and it plays a very important role in the production of wire harnesses. How do we choose such an important industrial equipment?


BX-200 Machine's automatic  crimping terminal

At present, a large part of the terminal machines on the market are semi-automatic terminal machines. Compared with automatic terminal machines, semi-automatic terminal machines have low production efficiency, high use costs and unstable quality.
Production efficiency: Due to the integration of various operating mechanisms on a production line, the production time of a single electronic wire is reduced, and the production capacity is amazingly doubled compared to the traditional model, reaching 5,000 pieces/hour (within 100 pieces).

Structural design: Break the traditional automatic and mobile operation process layout, and highly integrate wire cutting, peeling, end punching, twisting and tinning. It improves the efficiency between process links, does not need to operate separately with the stage, and reduces labor costs.
Maintenance cost: Because the servo control effectively reduces the large-span cooperation of each mechanism in the traditional operation process, the mechanical transmission running-in is reduced, and the unstable factors are greatly reduced. The simplification of the terminal machine structure greatly reduces the follow-up maintenance cost.

Post time: Aug-20-2022