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JH-04 Automatic Cooper Strips Crimping Machine

Short Description:

Automatic cooper strips crimping machine professional work for joint and connect vdre to to connected.

Product Detail

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Function Parameter

1、 Productivity: 200pcs/h
2、 Force: 10KN
3、 Povjer: AC110V/220V
4、 Povjer rate: 1100W
5、 Slide stroke: 30itiiti
6、 Weight: 80kg
7、 Cooper terminal size: 2mm/4mm/6mm
8、 Wire size: up tp 15 sqrmm

Equipment Featurs

This machine is design for electric cable wire riveting.known with fast speed high quality and crimping type.

Adopt special reel cooper strips material., cuttimg.. forming; crimping at one time; fast and no crap material,save cost.

After special treatment the cooper strips showing strong pulling resistance, and stable quality. Equipped with staight and curving tool housing for different products, humanized design make it easier to operate no need training.

Device Function

1、 JH-04 produced for cables need to crimp and connect.crimping and rivet.connect separate v^/ire.replace old manufacturing mode like soldering no cold-soldering air pollution caused, provide the most convenient way to pass many kinds of safe test like U L JIS. Humanization design easier operation.

2、 Adopt special continous cooper band terminal cutting forming crimping at and no scrap tnaterial. Save mush cost.

3、 Cooper band terminal with special cave treatment, make it durable and quality stable after crimping

4、 Go with vertical/bending tools for different product.

Applicabl area

Connect of neon light and resistor .slide switch and electrical cable, high temperature heating unit connect thermistor (like magnetic read switch, constant temperature insurance cable)

Production Samples


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