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Dongguan Yichuan Machine Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2006 and has acted as an professional manufacturer located in the China and have many service site and distributors all over the world that produce PCBA & SMT LINE, Wire Harness Processing Machines, and semi-conductors lead forming and reel taping machines. Since then Yichuan has carried out business in this industry successfully. We are recognized by our business partners and customers alike for our ability to conduct business at the highest of standards.

  • 2007
    started for reel and taping machine in semiconductor industry
  • 2010
    wire harness department set-up
  • 2011
    developped the highest speed auto rivets machine
  • 2013
    first supplier for automotive inserting lines
  • 2017-2018
    building Yichuan industry park in Hubei Province




Service First

  • What are the differences and connections between PCB, PCBA and SMT?

    Speaking of PCB we are familiar with, PCB is also called circuit boards, circuit boards, hardware engineers inevitably have to play a few boards. But mention SMT, PCBA, but few people understand what is going on, and even often confuse these concepts. Today to talk about...

  • What are the steps of the SMT production line process?

    SMT is a surface assembly technology, which is a new generation of electronic assembly technology developed on the basis of hybrid integrated circuit technology. Today we will introduce the total number of steps of SMT production line process. ...

  • With this “all-in-one machine”, wire harness processing no longer needs so much manual labor!

              "Low cost, high yield" is currently the wire processing industry and the power distribution industry is most concerned about a topic, how to reduce the loss of materials in the production process? How to improve production efficiency? How to a...

  • Why choose an automatic terminal machine?

    With the continuous rapid growth of my country's economy and the further expansion of domestic demand, the market has a huge rigid demand for wire harnesses, and the development speed of the wire harness industry has accelerated significantly. In such a huge wire harness...

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