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How to crimp terminal lugs?

1. Strip the wire to the appropriate length.

2. Slide the terminal lug over the stripped end of the wire.

3. Crimp the terminal lug with a crimping tool. Make sure the crimp is tight and secure.

4. Check the connection with a multimeter to ensure the connection is secure.

5. If the connection is secure, use a soldering iron to solder the terminal lug for more security.

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Yichuan automatic cable crimping machine is designed with advanced technology, which makes crimping simple and efficient. The machine is equipped with a precise crimping mechanism to ensure perfect results every time. With an advanced lug crimping machine like this one, you can enjoy maximum productivity and reduce crimping errors.

The crimping machine such as the terminal crimping machine of Dongguan Yichuan Machinery Co., Ltd. is an indispensable tool for crimping cable terminals. These machines are designed with advanced features to make the crimping process faster and more efficient. Additionally, they are equipped with safety features that protect the operator from potential accidents. With Yichuan cable crimping machine, you can enjoy maximum reliability and safety.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best crimping machine, including the cable type, terminals and lugs to be crimped. A reliable crimping machine should be able to handle various sizes and types of cables with ease. Dongguan Yichuan Machinery Co., Ltd.'s terminal crimping machines are designed to handle various types and sizes of cables, making them ideal for industries that require versatility.

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Post time: Apr-17-2023