pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

BX-130 Full Automatic Single End Of Wire Crimping Machine

Short Description:

BX-130 is used for electric wire cutting single end stripping double end stripping;sinle end crimping,single end twisting multi-stripping.

Product Detail

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Device Function

1、Full automatic electric cable cutting.single end twisting,single end crimping, fully automatic.easy to operation, fast and stable.

2、LCD di spa I y. Chinese or English interface, high definition; simple operation.

3、Full computor digital control, precision and fast.

4、Comprehensive detection like wireless, wire knot., terminal.

5、OPT vertical and horizontal crimping tool can be exchanged easily., automatically collecting scrap wire and band of terminal.


Power:  single phase AC 220V 50/60HZ
Power rate :  2.5KW
Crimping force :  2.0T/can be customized
Productivity : 4500pcs/h(wire seperate length less than 100mm)
Applicable wire size :  AWG14-AWG28
Cutting length :  20 - 99 99 m m (u p d a ted m od el: 8m m - 9 99 9m m)
Stripping length : 0.1mm-lOmm
Twisting length : 3mm-12mm
Detection function :  wireless,wire knot..terminal;wire
Machine size :  600*700*1500mm

About Yichuan

Dongguan Yichuan Machine Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2006 and has acted as an professional manufacturer located in the China and have many service site and distributors all over the world that produce PCBA & SMT LINE, Wire Harness Processing Machines, and semi-conductors lead forming and reel taping machines. Since then Yichuan has carried out business in this industry successfully. We are recognized by our business partners and customers alike for our ability to conduct business at the highest of standards.

Since 2016, we have developed AOI and Customized designing business as new division of the company, and worked for LED production, special wire harness processing machine, and Special PCB process etc. With experience in machine design and fabrication filed around 16 years, long term business plan is to continuously enlarge successful business in this field.

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