pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

BX-200 Machines Automatic Crimping Terminal

Short Description:

The machine can realize two ends stripping and beating terminal at same time, one end beat terminal, single critnping terminal or semi-stripping.

Product Detail

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Equipment Featurs

The machine uses a dedicated SBC developed with the servo motor control;so that cable beating terminal,wetting and other locations more accurate and stable.

The pneumatic components used are impoted brands making equipment more durable and smooth.

Using a full PC-style digital adjustment making it more rapid and efficient to replace product.

All other require mens can be equipped according to customer.

BX-200 Machine s Automatic Crimping Terminal
Connector Insertion Machine

Function Parameter

Power: AC220V 50/60HZ.
Power: 2500W.
Crimping Force : 1.5T/can be customized according to customer requirements.
Producction efficiency : 4500 pcs (I eng th within 200mm).
Wire processing length : 50mm-9999mm ; tangential cut length preci si onlm m + 0.1%*.
Stripping Length : ends0mm-12mm.
Wire specification : wire AWG18-AWG26 other specifications can be customized.
The air pressure : 4.5-6kgf(need to use clean air).
Put Line means : According to customer product line vdth normal playback devices , other special requirements can be customized.
The detection device : Pressure testing, without wires,tie detection.presence or absence of the terminal crim ping detection.
The device size : 1000*750*1550mm excluding projecting portions.
Weight: 300KG.

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