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Resistor Forming Lead Preforming Machine YC-290A

Short Description:

A Lead Preforming Machine is a specialized equipment used in electronic manufacturing to shape or preform the leads of resistors before they are placed on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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Equipment Characteristics

The machine performs several important functions to prepare the leads of resistors for efficient and accurate installation:

Lead Bending: The machine is equipped with bending mechanisms that can bend the leads of resistors to the required angles or shapes. This ensures the leads are properly positioned and aligned for insertion into PCBs.

Lead Straightening: Often, resistor lead forming machines also straighten the leads, ensuring they are free from any kinks or distortions that could affect their placement on the PCB.

Lead Cutting: Some machines also incorporate cutting mechanisms to trim the leads to the desired length after they have been bent and straightened. This helps ensure consistent lead lengths across resistors.

Transistor Lead Cut

The machine can function at least more than 18 years because of its hardened components.

The clamping and unlamping system is a kind of rack-type system without possibility of damaing components.  It can faciliate change the specifications, The components of 4-6 can share a set of clamps and those of 8-10 another, The clamps for those above 10 should be selected as required.

The equipment automaticall distinguished and checks the polarity of components and remove the nonconforming products.

The shipping methods include cutting longer or shorter,bending and cutting straight products can be shaped as required differently bu customers.

The equipment can prevent static eletricityand euipped with the ion blower.

Applicable elements

LED/light-emitting diodes, transistors, aluminum, electrolytic capacitors,mentally film capacitors, inductors diodes, resistors and others.

Led Leg Cutting




The use of air


Production Speedmin


Forming Lead wire distance

2.0mm 2.5mm 5.0mm 7.5mm 10mm 

Cut length of the product


Mechanical demensions




Packing type




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