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Component Lead Forming Machine Resistor Lead Cutting Machine

Short Description:

Component lead forming machine, also known as resistance lead cutting machine, is a special tool used in electronic manufacturing to shape and cut the leads of electronic components, especially resistors.

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The use of air


Production Speedmin


Forming Lead wire distance

2.0mm 2.5mm 3.5mm 5.0mm 7.5mm 10mm 15mm

Distance From Indexholr Tocapacity Base



12.7mm/4.1mm or 15.0mm/4.1mm

Mechanical demensions




Packing type

Box or package

Length of the product


Specifications of Processed

The diameter of 3-10 or the wide of≤customized)

Applicable elements

YC-320A (2)

The machine typically consists of a bed or platform on which the components are placed, and a set of movable blades or dies used to shape and cut the leads. The operator can adjust the position and depth of the blade to obtain the desired wire shape and length.

Component lead forming machines are used to automate the process of forming and cutting the leads of resistors, which are typically straight components with long leads at both ends. Using this machine, leads can be bent, shaped or cut to the desired size or configuration for easy insertion into a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) during assembly.

Equipment Characteristics

Driven by cams imported with the original packing, the machine with the specially, hardened components can have the stable grinding precision of 0.01mm an dlow noise.

Application of servo motor makes driving easier and positioning more accurate ,and removes the problems of high clutch failure rate amd large maintenance cost.

The imported divider can precisely position the pitch without any failures, the machine can function at least more than 18 years.

The entire system is controlled with siemens PLC, so it is superior in stability ,more accurate in positioning, application of touch screen can faciliate learning and data adjustment.

The clamping and unlamping system is a kind of rack-type system. the central line won't be changed when the clamp is replaced. The products won't be damaged due to clamping. It can faciliate change the specifications, The components of 4-6 can share a set of clamps and those of 8-10 another, The clamps for those above 10 should be selected as required.

The size of upper and lower clamps ergonomically accrods with teh related requirements in design, sothat there is sufficient space of debugging in the euipment,which faciliates the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

The stable folding-type collection system is characteristic of simple and easy operation and no failure.

As required in braiding of LED product, the equipment is provided with the anti-static function and a plasman fan.

YC-320A Tape-sped (5)

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