pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

ZX-680F Automatic odd hape component Pressfit Pin Insertion Machine

Short Description:

This equipment is used for inserting the single circled linear hardware piece to the electronic circuit board(PCB) automatically, precisely and effectively through the inserting head after cutting them into single bulk end automatically and making them adhesive strength.

Product Detail

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Pin Insertion Machine Video

Oxyhydrogen flame ideal for

ZX-600 Full Automatic High-speed Rivet Machine (7)

1. OEM, transformers and power generators

2. electric motor and power generator repair shop

3. electric motor work shops

4. large air conditioning supplies

5. solar collectors

6. manufacturing of large statues

7. manufacturing of trophies, chandeliers, statues and other brass articles etc

8. gold silver platium jewelry welding and repair

9. musical instrument welding & repair

10. others copper welding & soldering


Overall dimension





 6+/-0.5kg/cm2(air consumption 656N/min)


AC220V, single-phase50/60HZ, 1.4KW



Operating enviroment



10-90%RH(it can be used as long as there are no crystal beads in the air)

Requirements for the surronding enviroment

no corrossive gas

Movement dimension of the workbench

X680mm, Y370mm, Multi-direction X580mm, Y370mm Bilatery

Movement speed of workbench


Rotary table of the workbench


PCB electric circuit board


Inserting direction

 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees or multi-angle

Plugging speed


External communication funtion

 by RS-485 interface

Installation time of electric circuit board


Component iserted

all kinds of conventional and special-shape end pieces and circled pin end pieces.

Q'ty of insertinf Heads

1-3(based as required)

Hole correction mode

Hole correction


CCD HD indusrial camera angle system

Computor control system

Intel Corei3 CPU Windows operation system

Display system

17inch color LCD

Products are widely used in medical equipment, electric equipment, servers, instrumentation, communication equipment, industrial control equipment, aerospace and other fields.

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