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BX-280 Semi Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Short Description:

Semiautomatc coaxial wire stripping machine is used for stripping wire need multile layer to be stripped equipment.

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Suitable for different type of semi-flexible an d flexible coaxial cab I ©..charging cables,medical cables processing in com munication and medical industry.stripping edge smooth and no harm to the conductor.

Human-computer interface; easy to operate and understand Max.9 layers of stripping and 99 sets of memory function.

Rotation blade head four pcs of exquisitely designed blades improved stripping stability and blades lifetime.

Adopt servo-motor precision ball screw and multi-point movement control system,working performance is stable and efficient.

Blades are made of imported tungsten steel and titanium alloy coating ,sharp and durable.

This machine can m eet m ulti-sec ti on stripp ing, stri ppi ng a nd twi sting.a utom a tic sta rt succ ess i on a nd oth er special requirement.

Continuous innocation on the previous models.function and structure are more optimized performance is more powerful.

Function Parameter

Model : DM2515/DM2520.
Power: 220V 50Hz/60HZ.
Applicable OD : 3.0mtn-25mm.
Cutting depth : 0.01mm.
Working efficiency :  300-800pcs/h
Depends on wire material.  
Stripping length Max :  150mm/200mm.
Stripping layer Max : 9
Dimension : 920*220*400mm/1000*225*400mm.
Weight : 45/50kg.
Power rating :  630/800W.

Production Samples

BX-280 Semi Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine (1)
BX-280 Semi Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine (2)

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