pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

BX-100 automatic double twisting soldering machine

Short Description:

The machine can realize 2-10 wires simultanously or  2-15P and two lines or cable stripping,twisting or  tinning ends semi-stripping and other functions

Product Detail

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Device Function

The machine uses a dedicated SBC developed with the servo motor control,  so that cable, Stripping,twisting, tinnning and other locations more accurate and  stable.

The pneumatic components used are impoted brands, making equipment more durable and smooth.

Using a full PC-style digital adjustment, making it more rapid and efficient to replace product.

All other requiremens can be equipped according to customer.

Pcb Soldering Machine (2)


Equipment characteristics

Function Parameter


AC220V 50/60HZ



The pressure focused on

1.5T/can be customized according to customer  requirements

producction efficiency

1200pcs/h *N(N= the numbers of electric wires, length within 200mm)

wire processing length

10mm-550mm tangential cut length precision 1mm+0.1%* other lengths can be customized

Stripping Length

ends 0mm-10mm other lengths can be customized  

wetting Length

ends0mm-10mm, can point dip or half stick

wire specification

wire AWG16-AWG22 or AWG22-AWG30,other specifications can be customized

the air pressure

4.5-6kgf(need to use clean air)

the detection device

Pressure testing, without wires, tie detection

the device size

1700*700*1300mm including projecting portions



Equipment Characteristics

The Panasonic servo motor applied is precise, highly effective and stable.

The parameter adjustment of the equipment is technically simple and short, which can reduce the debugging time significantly.

Adjustment shall be made by touch screen, including the size of the cutter, wire length, opening length, tightness and length of torsion wire and the length of tin pick-up.

It can detect the low gas pressure, abnormal motor and belt automatically. In case that abnormality happens to the equipment, it will shut down automatically and the touch screen then displays the cause and debugging steps, so that the technicians can remove the troubles very quickly.

Production Samples

Pcb Soldering Machine (1)

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