pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

YC-290 Automatic high-spped molding cutting legs

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LED/light-emitting diodes, transistors, aluminum, electrolytic capacitors, mentally film capacitors, inductors diodes, resistors and others.

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Equipment Characteristics

Driven by cams imported with the original packing, the machine can have the stable grinding precision of 0.01mm an dlow noise.

Application of servo motor makes driving easier and positioning more accurate ,and removes the problems of high clutch failure rate amd large maintenance cost.

The machine can function at least more than 18 years because of its hardened components.

The clamping and unlamping system is a kind of rack-type system without possibility of damaing components.  It can faciliate change the specifications, The components of 4-6 can share a set of clamps and those of 8-10 another, The clamps for those above 10 should be selected as required.

The equipment automaticall distinguished and checks the polarity of components and remove the nonconforming products.

The equipment can prevent static eletricityand euipped with the ion blower.




The use of air


Production Speedmin

110±20 pcs/min(Adjustable)

Forming Lead wire distance

3.5mm 5.0mm

Works process

turn in or out. single or Double K. straight.

Cut length of the product


Components Size

Ø6or Ø8-Ø10 or Ø13

Pin Size


Mechanical demensions




Applicable elements

Led Leg Cutting

About Yichuan

Dongguan Yichuan Machine Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2006 and has acted as an professional manufacturer located in the China and have many service site and distributors all over the world that produce PCBA & SMT LINE, Wire Harness Processing Machines, and semi-conductors lead forming and reel taping machines. Since then Yichuan has carried out business in this industry successfully. We are recognized by our business partners and customers alike for our ability to conduct business at the highest of standards.

Since 2016, we have developed AOI and Customized designing business as new division of the company, and worked for LED production, special wire harness processing machine, and Special PCB process etc. With experience in machine design and fabrication filed around 16 years, long term business plan is to continuously enlarge successful business in this field.

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