pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

ZX-650S Automatic Press-fit Pin Insertion Machine

Short Description:

This equipment is used to square the circle of steel,round steel needle cut into certain length automatically,accurately and effectiently autpmatically by the insert needles on the needle is inserted into a circuit doard, and make it have the function of adhesion strenghth of the equipment.

This equipment is used to automatically cut the coiled square and circular steel needles into a certain length, and insert the needles into the circuit board (PCB) accurately and efficiently through the pin insertion, and make them have the function of adhesion strength.

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ZX 650S pin insertion machine Video

Automatic Pin Insertion / Pressfit Machine Operation Video

Our Advantage

1.Easy operating modes

2.Easy setting, edge guiding

3.Cutters re-grinded

4. Avoid micro-cracks

5. Structural precision, the load evenly, to eliminate internal stress

6. Safe, easy to operate

ZX-600 Full Automatic High-speed Rivet Machine (8)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (8)

1. Promise day technical support services.

2. Limit the handling of complaints, half an hour back to customers.

3. Depanel Experts, the provision of professional PCB sub-programme.

4. Reliable machine maker, we get Experts--15, each one got over 6 years experience, equipment quality will be satisfying.

This concept also allows to easily integrate future projects in this production line or adapt and reuse the same machine on different lines.

The new clamp and its optimized system now allow to insert terminals in the desired orientation rotating the insertion handle.The option of inserting two terminals in one clamp eliminates the down time within the movement between clamps, reducing fixed times up to 30% .

ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (4)


Overall dimension





 6+/-0.5kg/cm2(air consumption 656N/min)


AC220V, single-phase50/60HZ, 1.4KW



Operating enviroment



10-90%RH(it can be used as long as there are no crystal beads in the air)

Requirements for the surronding enviroment

no corrossive gas

Movement dimension of the workbench

X680mm, Y370mm, Multi-direction X580mm, Y370mm Bilatery

Movement speed of workbench


Rotary table of the workbench


PCB electric circuit board


Plugging speed


Installation time of electric circuit board


Component iserted

8-12mm long square and round steel pins

Q'ty of insertinf Heads


Hole correction mode

by the angle system of the machine

Computor control system

Intel Corei3 CPU Windows operation system

Display system

15inch color LCD

Feeding system

rolling feeding system

Product Details

ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (5)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (6)
ZX-650S Full Automatic High-speed Insert Pin (7)

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