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Automatic Wire Crimping Machine Cable Stripping Machine

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Introducing our latest innovation in wire termination technology – automatic crimping and stripping machines. This cutting-edge machine combines crimping, twisting, soldering and half-stripping capabilities, making it a versatile solution for all your cable termination needs.

Product Detail

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Equipment Featurs

1. Equipped with two ultra-quiet terminal machines and a wire stripping unit, the machine is designed to increase efficiency and productivity. Stripping both terminals at the same time not only saves time but ensures a precise and accurate process. In addition, the terminals are firmly pressed, ensuring a reliable connection.

2. An outstanding feature of our automatic crimping and stripping machines is their ability to maintain high feeding accuracy. This means that even fragile wires are handled with extreme care to prevent any damage to the core wires during the stripping process. The stable operation of the machine further enhances the maintenance of wire integrity, thereby minimizing the defect rate.

Function Parameter


AC220V 50/60HZ



The pressure focused on

1.5T/can be customized according to customer requirements

producction efficiency

2700pcs/h ( less than 200mm )

wire processing length

30mm-9999mm, tangential cut length precision 1mm + 0.1 %*

Stripping Length

ends 0mm - 12mm

wire palstic shell specification

wire AWG10 - AWG20 or AWG20 - AWG32, other specifications can be customized

the air pressure

4.5-6kgf ( need to use clean air )

the pressure sensor

optional according to customer requirements reprovision

Put Line means

According to customer product line with normal playback devices, other special requirements can be customized

Take-up device

Equipped with special devices according to customer request

the detection device

Pressure testing, without wires, tie detection, presence or absence of the terminal crimping detection

the device size

1100*920*1600mm contain projections and the bobbin part



The life of wire cutter

3000,000 times

The life of Crimping fixture

300,000 times

Equip with European crimping tooling, UPS power



Advanced software and touch screen technology make the operation convenient, and all the parameters of the machine are operated on the display screen.

The crimping position adopts an ultra-quiet terminal machine, which has low noise and uniform strength, and can be equipped with horizontal and vertical molds.

The  Crimping Machine is suitable for Crimping computer terminal, DC terminal, AC terminal, single grain terminal and joint terminal. Tt is compatible with vertical and horizontal molds, and one machine is suitable for all terminal types by replacing the crimping molds.

Production samples

Production samples

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