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Automatic Crimping Cable Stripping Machine

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●  One of the outstanding features of our machines is the use of top brand imported pneumatic components. This not only ensures the durability and longevity of our equipment, but also smooth operation with minimal operating noise and vibration. Whether you prefer manual or pneumatic crimping, we have machines to suit your preference.

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Automatic crimping and stripping machines are designed to provide precision and efficiency, saving you time and effort on wire and cable handling tasks. With its intelligent automation features, the machine eliminates the need for manual labor, allowing you to streamline production processes and increase productivity. It is suitable for various industries such as electronics, telecommunications, and automobiles.

 Our machines are designed with user convenience in mind. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, it is easy to operate even for those with minimal experience or technical knowledge. The machine is also equipped with safety features to ensure the health of the operator.

Function Parameter


AC220V 50/60HZ



The pressure focused on

1.5T/can be customized according to customer requirements

producction efficiency

1200pcs/h *N ( N= the numbers of electric wires, length within 200mm )

wire processing length

10mm-550mm, tangential cut length precision 1mm + 0.1 %* other lengths can be customized

Stripping Length

ends 0mm - 12mm other lengths can be customized  

wire specification

wire AWG16 - AWG22 or AWG22 - AWG30, other specifications can be customized

the air pressure

4.5-6kgf ( need to use clean air )

Put Line means

According to customer product line with normal playback devices, other special requirements can be customized

the detection device

Pressure testing, without wires, tie detection. Including projecting portions. presence or absence of the terminal crimping detection

the device size





1. High agility: It is convenient for BX-300 to control every soldering technical parameter and a high quality could be ensured.

2. Digital display of soldering temperature.

3. High reliability: High temperature sintering heating element make the machine perform steady and reliable.

4. Widely used: TB680 can replace brand iron soldering and soldering device in middle and little batch of production. It can satisfy every requirement of soldering production.

5. High efficiency: Productivity would be advanced.

6. Reasonable price, long life.

7. Small size and power consumption. It meets the requirements for the production in the laboratory and factory.

Quickly tin melting, easy to operate, simple to repair as well as maintain, automatic self-protection.

Electric control is designed assembled. The soldering tin temp, conveying speed, height of the crest, preheating time and so on can be all adjusted. Digital display for the temperature of the soldering tin. It is just an ideal device for producing small batch and developing.

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