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Pcb Pin Insertion Machine Capacitor Insertion Machine

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PCB pin insertion machines are designed to insert various types of pins into printed circuit boards (PCBs). These machines are commonly used in electronics assembly and manufacturing to automate the process of inserting pins into PCBs. Depending on the require.

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Overall dimension: 2250*1300*1600mm
Weight: 1000KG
Air: 6+/-0.5kg/cm2(air consumption: 656N/min)
Power: AC220V,single-phase50/60HZ,1.4KW
Noise: 80dB
Operating enviroment: 5-40℃
Humidity: 10-90%RH(it can be used as long as there are no crystal beads in the air)
Requirements for the surronding enviroment: no corrossive gas
Movement dimension of the workbench: X680mm, Y370mm,Multi-direction X580mm,Y370mm Bilatery.
Movement speed of workbench: 22.5m/min
Rotary table of the workbench  
PCB electric circuit board: 500*350Max
Flow direction of PCB: L-R, R-L.
Plugging speed: 140-220PCS/min
External communication function: by RS-485 interface
Installation time of electric circuit board: 4s
Component iserted: all kinds of conventional abd special-shape and pieces and circled pin end pieces.
Q'ty of inserting heads: 1-3 based as required
Hole correction mode: CCD HD indusrial camera angle system
Computor control system: Intel Corei3 CPU Windows operation system
Display system: 17inch color LCD

Equipment Featurs

Capacitor insertion machines, on the other hand, are designed to insert capacitors into PCBs. Capacitors are electronic components that store energy in an electric field. They are used in many electronic devices to improve or stabilize the performance of the system. Similar to PCB insertion machines, capacitor insertion machines automate the process of inserting capacitors into PCBs.

The system is reliable with compete monitoring,programming diagnosis and operation functions,Intelligent control bacomes possible.

Full Automatic Special-shape piece Inserting Machine (2)
Full Automatic Special-shape piece Inserting Machine (3)
Tab Insertion Machine

Production Samples

Full Automatic Special-shape piece Inserting Machine (4)
Full Automatic Special-shape piece Inserting Machine (1)
terminal insertion machine

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