YC-280A Resistor Lead Cutting and Forming Preforming Machine

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Applicable components

coaxial horizontal components:diodes, color code inductors,resistors,magnetic,beads,magnetic inductors,transistors,fuses and others.

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Resistor Lead Cutting Video


Power  220V/50HZ/1.5KW
The use of air 4kg/cm²
Production Speedmin 160-230pcs/min
Forming Lead wire distance 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.5mm 5.0mm
Distance From Indexholr Tocapacity Base 16.5mm-24.5mm
Diatance/Diameter 12.7mm/4.1mm
Mechanical demensions 1900L*1200W*1500H(mm)
Weight 650KG
Packing type Box

Equipment Characteristics

YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (1)

We change the original method that the coaxial horizontal components can only be use in the horizontal component inserter to make it in common use with the vertical inserter so as to reduce the repeated investment in labor and equipment and save space for circuit board. 

The entire system is controlled with Siemens PLC, so it is superior in stability, more accurate in positioning.Application of touch screen can facilitate learning and data adjustment.

Application of servo motor makes driving easier and positioning more accurate, and removes the problems of high clutch failure rate an dlarge maintenance cost.

The imported cam drives the machine with grinding pricision of 0.01mm, so this machine is characteristic of stability,drability and low noise.

YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (2)
YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (3)

special hardening of each group of components conducesto reducing the wearing parts and extending the service life of the equipement to more than 18 years.

The collecting system of superior stability is characteristic of neat folding,simple and easy operation and no failure.

YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (6)
YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (5)
YC-280AVertical tape-molding machine (4)

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