pin inserting machine/ wire cutting stripping crimping machine/ lead cutting preforming machine

YC-320 automatic high-speed molding taping machine

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Feet away from the metallic film capacitors, safety capacitor from Bigfoot, Bigfoot from cement resistors and other vertical element.

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Automatic LED Lead Cutting Video

Equipment Characteristics

1、 The drive cam imported mining, precision grinding accuracy up to 0.01mm stable, durable and low-noise constant, each group of special parts Hardening treatment.
2、 Servo motor control to make driving easier and more accurate positioning ruled out the clutch failure rate, maintenance cost is high.
3、 Imports splitter positioning pitch, size precision, trouble-free Device warranty life of up to 18 years.
4、 The entire system of Siemens PLC control, superior stability, user interface for the touch screen, easy to learn, adjust the datamore convenient.
5、 Folder on the folder open rack systems, replacement of fixtures and the center line of the same product no pinch, more convenient to change specifications
6、 The upper and lower clip size design ergonomic, so that the device has enough space for commissioning, machine cleaning and maintenance easier.
7、 Stable folding collecting system, it is simple and convenient trouble-free.
8、 Optional configuration including a CCD camera to detect the printing surface of the entire module


Power source:  220V / 50Hz / 1.6KW
Working pressure:  4KG / CM2
Speed: 90-160 pcs / min
Pitch / Aperture: 1 12.7mm / 4.1mm (other pitch another custom)
Feet away from the molding:  10mm /22.5mm (Continuous taping / Continuous Tape)
7.5mm / 15.0mm (continuous Tape / Tape spaces)
Height:  16.5mm -24.5mm
Length: 5mm -35mm
Packing: Box or package
Mechanical dimensions: 2300L ** (mm)
Machine Weight 700kg

Applicable elements

Lead Preforming Machine

Feet away from the metallic film capacitors, safety capacitor from Bigfoot, Bigfoot from cement resistors and other vertical element.

Lead Preforming Machine

About Yichuan

Dongguan Yichuan Machine Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2006 and has acted as an professional manufacturer located in the China and have many service site and distributors all over the world that produce PCBA & SMT LINE, Wire Harness Processing Machines, and semi-conductors lead forming and reel taping machines. Since then Yichuan has carried out business in this industry successfully. We are recognized by our business partners and customers alike for our ability to conduct business at the highest of standards.

Since 2016, we have developed AOI and Customized designing business as new division of the company, and worked for LED production, special wire harness processing machine, and Special PCB process etc. With experience in machine design and fabrication filed around 16 years, long term business plan is to continuously enlarge successful business in this field.

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